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Tap your BACK button to return to the main page from images and text links.

This is necessary as you are being directed to only the final image or text content itself and not to a page that contains other elements such as a "Return" link along with a lot of other useless information, graphics java and frames.

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Load Times

As Storms get closer to the coast, expect the load times for even the single images to get much longer... possibly becoming inacessable.

Even so, you are much more likely to get to the image than those who are trying to obtain image using NHC/NOAA's full page access.


This page was created for use by mobile and other slow connection users to enable them to get critical information on Hurricanes without wasting time and bandwidth downloading unrelated information, junk, complexity, advertisements and other junk that seems always be present.

If you are using a cellular data service such  as GPRS, you may be paying for connect time by the amount of data downloaded... this site will assure that the cost for getting that content is at an absolute minimum.


I feel very strongly that mobile access to severe weather information is critical and want to provide help and learn more.

Please email me if you find errors... especially if there are links that are not updating as well as pointing out other sites and methods which are usable when connecting using a mobile device.

I'm open to receiving links to other sites, but, remember, my primary goal is to provide a minimal site that gives access to maximum information.

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