Genze Model 100 Series
User Operating Manual

Edited by Beverly Howard 2020

If you are unfamiliar with electric bicycles, the best way to get familiar with the bike, brakes and shifter is by removing the battery from the bike and using it as a conventional (unpowered) bicycle until you are comfortable with all aspects of riding the bike.  In addition to getting familiar with riding, this will allow you to determine details such as the best seat and handlebar positions to meet your size and needs.

After riding several miles without electric assist and becoming familiar with and comfortable riding the bicycle, install a fully charged battery to begin using the electrical assist options.



There are two separate brakes on the bicycle that are activated by squeezing the handles in front of the handlebar grips.  These handles control the front and rear wheel brakes independently.  The right brake handle controls the REAR wheel brake and the left brake handle controls the FRONT wheel brake. (Note that this is the opposite of a standard motorcycle hand brake.)

Riders should know that since the center of gravity for any bicycle and rider is much higher that of motorcycles, suddenly applying a high front brake force can result in the rider being thrown over the handlebars.
Because of this, the RIGHT brake handle (for the REAR wheel) should be the primary brake to slow the bicycle and the LEFT brake handle used primarily in conjunction to supplement the force of the rear brake.




The primary controller for using the electric assist is the 4 button keypad near the left handlebar grip.

The Power Button: Turns the system power on or off.
+/- Buttons:
SET Button: (Dual Use)


The SETTINGS Screens are used to set the Genze's riding settings.

There are 5 different SET screens (Numbered 0-4).

SET Screen 0 (Selecting NORMAL or POWER Mode)
SET Screen 1 (Reset TRIP METER)
SET Screen 2 (Set WHEEL SIZE)



Getting Ready to Ride

Insert battery into bicycle frame, lower end first.  Rotate the battery into the frame until you hear the battery lock click shut.
The battery can then only be removed using the battery key.
The battery can be charged while mounted in the frame or when removed.

IMPORTANT Once the power system and display is activated, the electric assist mode can, and will, activate without warning.
During your first rides with the battery inserted and display turned on, you should do so in a space such as a vacant parking lot to avoid distractions.

IMPORTANT After the display is turned on, PAS (Power Assistance Selection) should default to "1"
If not, use the "+/-" buttons on the control panel to set PAS to level "1"

IMPORTANT When you begin pedaling, there will be a short delay before the electric motor activates.
It is best to first experience this the first few times while riding in a straight line rather than in a turn.
When using Electric Pedal Assist know that there is always a slight delay before the Genze's electric motor begins applying power to the rear wheel.
Remember when learning that squeezing either brake handle will instantly deactivate the electric motor.




HOWEVER, Setting the Assistance Level to "0" will activate the "Throttle" twist control located on the RIGHT handlebar grip.
When you twist this throttle control when the PAS is set to 0, there will be a brief delay, then the electric motor will begin applying force to the rear wheel that is proportional to the amount that the throttle is twisted.

In ASSISTANCE LEVEL "0" you can ride without moving the pedals at all and control the bicycle's speed using only the throttle.

To become familiar with the throttle control, it is recommended that you begin pedaling in a straight line without touching the throttle, then twist the throttle gently until the electric motor begins to provide power and you reach a comfortable speed.

Note that you can use the
"+/-" buttons switch to and from "0" or any of the "Pedal Assist" modes while in motion in order to select the mode that is best for the current riding conditions.


The WALK MODE is used when you are moving the bicycle while walking beside it.



USB Connector

There is a USB Connector on the Rear of the 4 Button Control Panel.
However, on the Genze 101 bike I used to write this manual, the USB port was inoperative.
Since the Genze App only supports the Genze 200 series, I assume that it is not functional on the Genze 100 series.

Genze 100 Series Specifications

Top Speed using
Throttle (PAS 0)
Normal Mode 13.5 mph
Power Mode 20 mph
Range 15-18 miles with throttle, 30-50 miles with pedal assist
PAS 1-5 Pedal Assist
(PAS 0) Throttle Mode
Battery Type Removable Samsung 36V, 8.7AH Li-Ion baery pack
Charge Time From 0-100% in 3.5 hours
Motor 36V 350W Brushless Rear Hub Motor
Brakes Dual Disc Brakes
Derailleur 7-speed Shimano
Gear Shifter Shimano Thumb Shifter
Weight 46 pounds
Wheels 26” x 1.75”
Frame Sizes 16”, 18“, and 20”
Frame Aluminum
Warranty 18 month warranty for frame and components
24 month warranty for Battery