Map Comparisons (very interesting)

The following was done at the request of a Meridian user wanting to know what he was going to gain by upgrading from Mapsend Topo version 3 to Mapsend Topo 3D version 1 (fully version confused now?)

Note that the map clips are not the same scale and the color level has been reduced to keep the maps as small as possible.  Note also, the wide variance in names although it's also apparent that there are two basic sources for all.

I assume that Magellan Users understand that only the top two maps can be used on a meridian, and only the second map on an explorist.

Mapsend Topo 3.0 (older Mapsend)

MapSend Topo 3D 1.0

MapPoint 2006 (Streets and Trips 2006 equivalent)

Delorme Street Atlas Verison 5

Delorme Street Atlas 2006