Harmony Diagnostic Questions
(Compiled by Beverly Howard with help from other Harmony Responders)
This is an ongoing "Work In Progress"

For those attempting to help users posting questions and problems on the Harmony Public Forum, the more information we can obtain the better toward getting your problems resolved quickly.

While there has been a significant increase in forum traffic since Christmas, the number of experienced users who are fielding questions has remained pretty constant, so, if you have a Harmony problem that you need to resolve, we need as much help as possible.

What follows are some common questions we ask to determine why there are problems.  If you answer the questions relevant to your symptoms when you post your request for help, those answers will help assure that you will get the answers you need in the least amount of time and minimal "back and forth" messages.

The Harmony Doesn't Work or Stopped Working (Doesn't Seem to Issue Commands)
Have you used the Harmony Successfully Before this Problem? Y/N
What has Changed Recently?
i.e. Firewall-AVChanges/New Software
Did you select an "Activity" before issuing commands? Y/N If no "Activity" or "Device" is currently selected no individual commands can be sent.
Does the Device Respond to Commands when you use that Device's Original (OEM) Remote Control? Y/N
Does the Harmony Activity Light or LCD Activity Indicator show that the Harmony is Issuing Commands? Y/N
When you Select the "Device" that is Not Responding on the Harmony, does the device respond to any commands (Such as <power>) issued by the Harmony?
If the Harmony "Activity Light" or LCD "Activity Indicator" shows commands being sent, can you determine if any IR Commands are being sent?
Y/N Most Digital Cameras/VideoCams will show IR and most IR "Extenders" will Illuminate when IR is being sent.

Software Problems
What Computer OS are you Using? XPHome, XPPro,
Vista, Mac, Etc

What is the version number of the Harmony Software is Showing?
See Top Bar of Harmony Software Window.
What Type of Internet Connection Do you Use? Cable/DSL/Dialup/Etc
Exactly What are you Doing when the problem occurs?

What are the Exact Error or Problem Messages Displayed?

Have you used the Harmony Software Successfully Before this Problem? Y/N
What has Changed Recently i.e. Firewall-AV-Changes
New Software
New Harmony Version
Other Similar Problems
(i.e. USB prob)

Charge/Cradle Problems
Does the LCD Screen Change When Harmony is Placed in Cradle? Y/N
Is there a Charging Indicator Visible After Placing in Cradle? Y/N
Does the Screen remain the same after Placing in Cradle? (until power down) Y/N
Does anything change if you press the Harmony down onto the Cradle? Y/N/What?

USB Connect Problems
Does the PC "Boing" when the Harmony Is Connected? Y/N
Does PC's Device Manager "Refresh" when the Harmony is Connected or Disconnected? Y/N