Rebecca and Beverly...

Publish Before They Perish 

This is our combined web page with gifts and surprises both aesthetic and technical.  Rebecca Roberts, a nationally known handbuilding potter whose brain wants to shut down when faced with anything more technical than a rolling pin, and Beverly Howard (the one with the beard,) who would be totally lost if not surrounded by and immersed in the latest techno gadgets and software currently available.

Photo by John Larrison This site is an evolution so you will find a mix of both new material as well as prose that exposes itself of being way out of date plus snippets of our live's histories, so take it as represenative our best efforts.

Rebecca Roberts' life is clay, to be more exact, high fired clay sculpture.  Recently, her work has shifted away from functional pieces and toward pure sculpture that changes form almost monthly. Now, in her sixth decade, personal writing has become a major part of her life. Click on her picture below to learn more about her past and current process.  For future reference, (since there are multiple paths to get there) Rebecca's page address is ""

Beverly Howard is the "techie" of this pairing. The evolution of links in the new table below show the number of vastly differing subjects and he is still searching for what to do when he "grows up."

Tips for Google Keep

LLI Class Info LLI Class

Square Tips

Dealing with Farts
and the Big "C"


Rebecca's Work humbnail

Rebecca's Site
& Contact Information
Rebecca's Shows
Beverly's Kiln Tips


Bevand DC20Link

Topic Specific
EMail Links

Mobile Weather Radar
PocketPC Page

78th ASA SOU
(60's E-Espionage in Berlin)


Bevo Howard
Beverly "Bevo" Howard
You Can Learn to Fly Reborn
Bevo and Beechcraft
Who Own's Bevo's Name?
USAF Contract Flight Training


Click to go to Bücker Page
The Buecker
Large Color Buecker Image
Flight Simulator Buecker
Clay/Kiln &

Kiln Electric Basics
Understanding Volts & Amps
Rewiring Electric Kilns
Computer Kiln Control
A better Kiln Switch Solution
Calculating Firing Costs
Palmtop Pager GPS Article
GPS Generalities
Googling into Waypoints
Magellan's Explorist
Magellan's Meridian
HP200LX GPS Article
Calibating Maps
The Old Tripmate
& Tips

Props that go "BANG" in the Night
Cinema 6 IR Remote
Programming IR Remotes
Going Postal In Westlake Hills
X10 Basics
Trailer Ball Story
Gear Up Landing
Learning to Waterstart
Studio Map and Directions
Spider Eyes
Bev's Storm Page

Obsolete Pages
(Pocket Pc, etc)
Useful Links
78thASA Info & Links